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TheFox Halt Farm Trilogy


With a backdrop of atmospheric Dartmoor,  Fox Halt Farm is a compelling love story. 


Everything Billy loves is threatened  she is alone and betrayed


Richard’s world is aglow with wealth and unswerving family loyalty. He could save Billy and her beloved farm but she's not in the mood to be rescued.


Will they trust each other or will secrets tear them apart?

Here's the second novel in the trilogy


When Billy reaches out to help, her kindness threaten hopes, homes, and those she loves the most


Who is the Culmfield Cuckoo ?

Will they help Billy get her life back or is the Cuckoo making everything go wrong?


Who's telling the truth?


A Hare's Footprint is the third and final part of the Fox Halt Farm Trilogy... 


There is so much of the past to confront which Billy has spent years avoiding.


There is a future  where dreams could rip everything apart. 


And Someone has a deadly vendetta.


So should you grasp at your dreams?

Celia Moore Author Fox Halt Farm About M
About Me

I woke up one day in January 2017 with a story in my head that wouldn't go away so I became an author..! 

Be the first to hear about my new books or events... Writing is not my full time occupation (sadly) so my books come out about every 18 months so if you'd like to know how things are going, what I'm up to and any upcoming events, then please subscribe to my newsletter (it will only be every 3 months - approx.)

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to being in touch soon.

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